Client Management (salon software / spa software)

Client Management Software for salon & spa

Followings are the key reason to have CRM in any computer automation system. Salon software / Spa Software must have robust client management features as below.

  1. Client’s visit history
  2. Client appointment booking
  3. Client Lookup on various level Name, Number, Comments, Profession, Category etc…
  4. Loyalty Points
  5. Contact Number & Email Exporter
  6. Client categorization
  7. Mailing System & Marketing Tools to send promotional events & wishes
  8. Sales Track
  9. Client’s payments track
  10. Client’s reminder
  11. Client’s package tracking
  12. Membership tracking
  13. Marketing details like SMS, e-Mail etc.
  14. Client information like birthday, anniversary, business or work details, address, contact details etc
  15. Clients balance & spending records
  16. Client notes & memo
  17. Keeping track of footfalls
  18. No show analysis
  19. MIS reports Customer with particular services, with time frame
  20. Advance reports to extract any kind of details
  21. Unlimited Clients storage
  22. Total spend track by client

And it does not ends here, we are always open to add new features as an when customer demands. We have dedicated staffs to analyse current business trends and keeps adding new features & reports.

Why choose Online Salon Software Or Spa Management Software?

  • Availability: You can easily access your business data 24×7, you can plan promotions, check your appointment book & revenue on the go any time any where.
  • Client Apps: Let your clients book appointment online 24×7 using Mobile App, Facebook App or by Online Webstore and let your appointment book be full all the time.
  • Data Safety: Data are more secure in cloud than local computer. Save your data from insider theft like Data theft by Receptionist, Manager or Local Computer Engineer.
  • Avoid Data Loss: Your data in cloud are stored with multiple redundant backup across borders. You may loss your data if it has been stored in your local computer by virus or if disk gets corrupted.
  • No Installation required on your computer / device, access it from multiple device without installing anything. Access it from your laptop, desktop, tablet or even from smart phone too.
  • No AMC, No Maintenance Headaches,  you are saving 20% of your software charges every year if it is an online.
  • No Large Up-Front Investment & Lower Initial Costs.
  • No Vendor Lock-in, you have option to opt out any time you may want, no lock-in or upfront commitment required. In case of single payment / one time purchase option you may loss your huge investment if you are not satisfied with software. Here you pays only minimal monthly fees.
  • High Adoption & Global availability.
  • No Steep Learning Curve.
  • No More Outdated Solutions: Painless Auto Upgrades to match new market demand & trends.
  • You can always stop monthly payment if we failed at support service and hence we are accountable.
Client Management (salon software / spa software) November 6, 2013

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