Expense Tracker (Salon software / Spa Software)

Expense Tracker/ Petty Cash in Salon Software / Spa Software

It is mandatory to have a system to keep track of daily expenses or petty cash, there are daily many transactions occurs at business which require proper tracking. Expense Tracker will help you to manage petty cash.

  1. Purchase Track
  2. Stationary track
  3. Gift Track
  4. Canteen Expenses
  5. Rent
  6. Bank Deposits & Withdrawal

Our system supports unlimited tracking of any kind. It is business practice to analyze expenses and control it base on usage policy.

And it does not ends here, we are always open to add new features as an when customer demands. We have dedicated staffs to analyse current business trends and keeps adding new features & reports.

Why are we unique?

  • All In One Plan: Single Plan for all the features, one rate which you can afford to pay.
  • Add-ons are FREE: Mobile Apps, Web Store, Facebook App all are inclusive in base subscription.
  • Unlimited FREE Training & Supports: There is no restriction to Training & Support, you gets it free when you need it.
  • No AMC: A minimal fee in terms of subscription charge is enough for us, and hence we don’t charge AMC.
  • No Binding: Choose from Monthly or Yearly Subscription, No upfront commitment needed.
  • FREE Upgrades: All new features makes it happen and best part it’s free.
  • No Restrictions on usage & users: Unlimited Access to Any number of Users, Staffs & Devices, it’s  yours use it to the fullest.
  • No more monopoly: Buy best e-Mail & SMS services from any vendor with best services & rates. When there are vendor in market who provides 10,000 SMSes at just Rs.500/- then why would anyone pay Rs.3,000/- for same?
  • Customization: Any feature in nature of global customization, we provides it for FREE after technical & feasibility analysis.


Expense Tracker (Salon software / Spa Software) November 6, 2013

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